Property Management Company Serving Colorado Springs

Property Management Company Serving Colorado Springs

You are about to entrust your most valuable asset, your rental property, into the hands of a property management company. This is a big decision. When you are shopping around to find a company that checks all of the boxes, it’s important to look at their core values. You would like to find a Colorado Springs property manager that most aligns with your own intrinsic values. Read reviews on the property management company and do a little research to find out if they exemplify the following core values. They form the foundation of how a company operates and how they will engage with the landlords, tenants and staff. 

What do you look for in a property manager in Colorado Springs?

1. Integrity

This is really the most important value because it speaks to being an honest company. There is transparency in the way they conduct their business. What they have committed themselves to achieve they have executed with professionalism. They don’t say one thing and then their actions demonstrate something else. They do the right thing, every time with no exception because they hold themselves to high standards. When you engage a property manager you want to be sure that they are conducting tenant screenings in adherence with the law and treating prospective clients with respect. 

2. Superior Customer Service

You’re looking for a property management company who exceeds expectations. You see the reviews where someone states, “…went the extra mile” or “delivered above and beyond expectations”. When you consistently see comments like these you know that the property manager has forged a reputation based on providing a superior service. You want your chosen property management company to truly understand your specific needs and to offer a customized response for you. They don’t just offer the standard package but look for innovative solutions to your unique requests. Both tenants and landlord’s express satisfaction with this property manager’s exemplary service and attention to details. 

3. Extensive, Knowledge, Expertise and Experience

Their years of running a successful property management business in your chosen area ensures that a landlord’s basic requirements are always met. Your property will always be full of quality tenants. Rent is always collected and your property expertly maintained. You will have no anxiety about putting your property in their hands because their track record is perfect. You can have peace of mind that your investment is being cared for by people who understand the industry and are always one step ahead of you. 

4. Great Communication

Building a relationship of longevity with your property manager rests on the ability to maintain open and honest communication. You want them to be great listeners, hearing all of your concerns, ideas and challenges. You also want a property manager who keeps both landlords and tenants up to date by disseminating key information at the right time. They are always easy to get a hold of and can clearly articulate the status of your investment at any time.  

5. Passionate Commitment 

You’re looking for a property management company who loves what they do and commits to the execution of their tasks with 100% passion and determination. They display a healthy dose of optimism and have a positive attitude when tackling tasks. You enjoy talking with them because their good energy is contagious. Doing business with them is actually a total joy. They always own the outcome of any action. They take responsibility because their commitment to excellence is the cornerstone to their success as a business. They also work with realistic goals and never over promise and under deliver. 

6. Continuous Improvement

New technology and trends are constantly impacting the property management market and those companies who actively seek to embrace them, flourish. If there are exciting new digital marketing techniques to assist with renting properties, it will be a property management company who is focused on continuous improvement who will be first in line to test it out. These companies are always investigating ways to make processes easier, faster and more effective. You will reap the rewards of a company that is willing to learn new things, be inquisitive and implement improvements.

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7. Respect Others

You are looking for a property management company that is going to respect your investment and the people who have chosen to inhabit it (the tenants). You want to be doing business with people who inspire mutual trust. They respect people’s time, privacy and legitimate concerns. They display reverence and gratitude – treating all people with basic human kindness.

8. Fearless Trouble Shooting

Sometimes the property manager in Colorado Springs will be required to handle difficult problems. They must be able to show an ability to engage in effective conflict resolution. They should never be intimidated by bad tenants or maintenance firms that might have done a shoddy job. You want a property manager that can deal with any challenges with confidence and ease.

9. Proactive

You’re looking for a company that never procrastinates. You don’t want to ask them over and over again to complete a task. You want to see action and a resolution. When a property manager is proactive around maintenance issues you know you are in excellent company. When they deliver reports or updates before you even ask for them –you know you’ve chosen wisely. 

10. Well Mannered

It may sound old fashioned, but having great manners is such an underrated value. When your chosen property manager is generous with their “please” and “thank you” it’s a good sign. When they also call people by their names and start every conversation from a polite place, it’s usually a precursor of a perfect interaction. 

If you’re looking to find a property management company in Colorado Springs that strives to embody these 10 core values (as much as humanly possible) please give Galvan and Gardner a call.  You will not be disappointed.

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