Single Family Rentals

Single Family Rentals

Homeowners Association’s (HOA) are on the rise across the United States. One of the goals of a well-run HOA is to increase property value but there are differing opinions regarding whether these goals are being met. There are three different types of HOA’s in existence. First there is a voluntary...

The Fair Housing Act is intended to protect home renter's from discrimination. If you are selling or renting out a residential property in Colorado Springs or anywhere in the United States, the FHA will apply to you. In 1968 President Lyndon Johnson signed the Fair Housing Act into law shortly...

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. Benjamin Franklin It is estimated that you will spend at the very least 10 -15 hours managing your single-family rental on your own every month. Is that a time commitment you actually have at your disposal? Will you be able to drop everything and...

You have invested in a great property and have ensured it is ready to receive your first potential tenants. You then advertise the property and wait for applicants. Once you have interested parties, the next vital step is to undertake a thorough tenant screening process. (Also known as “resident”...

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The Galvan & Gardner team offers a full range of services in all aspects of single family property management including full-service management, applicant screening, property inspection, leasing, evictions, repairs and maintenance. Call now for more information.

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