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You can apply for one of our Rental Homes by doing the following:

  1. Fill out the electronic form below or download & print Application Form ( Application & Crime Free Addendum )
  2. Fill out as completely as you can. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  3. Please use Black Ink ONLY. All applications are subject to a background check, which includes: Credit, Criminal (Federal, State, Local) and Prior Evictions. We will also contact your current employer to verify employment.
  4. Disqualifiers include; Open Bankruptcies, Felony Conviction(s), prior Eviction(s) and less than 600 Credit Score(s).
  5. Attach a copy of your latest / current pay stub or LES.
  6. Check or Money Order made payable to ” Galvan & Gardner Property Management Group” . This fee is non-refundable and is used to process your application for tenancy. Cash is not accepted.
    • $50.00 per person for those age 18 or older.
    • A prospective tenant has the right to provide to the landlord a portable tenant screening report, as defined in section 38-12-902(2.5), Colorado Revised Statutes; and
    • If a prospective tenant provides the landlord with a portable tenant screening report, the landlord is prohibited from: Charging the prospective tenant a rental application fee; or
    • Charging the prospective tenant a fee for the landlord to access or use the portable tenant screening report.
  7. All Tenants, Roommate Situations and Pets are approved on a case by case basis by the Landlord.
  8. Our Office Hours are Mon-Fri 8am to 4pm (MST). Deliver the above documents with your check and valid Government issued Identification Card (Driver’s License, Military ID, etc.) to the following location:
    Galvan & Gardner Real Estate Group Inc.
    913 South 8th St.
    Colorado Springs, CO 80905-OR- You can fax it to (719) 623-0068 (No Cover Page Needed)-OR- You can scan and email it to:
  9. Pet fees and pet rent are as follows: $300 one time and refundable pet fee per pet as well as $35 pet rent per month per pet.
  10. If you have any ESA (emotional support animals) or service animals, documentation is required.

NOTE: If you fax or email the Application, you MUST tender the Application Fee before we can process your Application. For questions, please our Office at (719) 301-2222 / 3333. If you are a section 8 applicant, you must include your voucher when submitting the application. No exceptions.

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